Ente39 Kurse & Laden für große und kleine
          Ente39 Kurse & Laden für große und kleine

Tibetan Heart Yoga for Beginners


Every Tuesday 19:00-20:30h


This is a 90 min. beginners class inspired in the Tibetan Heart Yoga tradition.

I like to keep it open in order to practice according to the mood.
There will be evenings where we will decide to practice Yin Yoga, others we will prefer to stick to the classical Niguma’s series created in the 10th century, or perhaps we will revise the proper alignment of a certain asana. We could even end up using yoga as a tool to work with a specific emotion we are having a difficult time with.
It is up to us!




Price: Single class  =   15 EUR.
          10er karte     = 130 EUR (valid for 3 months).


There will be no class during public holidays.


More info:  the-endless-knot.eu


Call 015771731858 or send an email to tsering.om@gmail.com if you’d like to come.